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Homeowner Contracts

SBCC, 15 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BE

Tel: +44 (0)131 221 7507

Annual Update Conference

Last chance to secure early bird discount - offer closes 31 October.  

This year’s Conference will be held on Wednesday 9 November at the Scottish National Gallery, the Mound, Edinburgh. Full details of speakers and how to book can be found here. .

Collateral Warranties

Collateral Warranties (2015 Editions) are now available in printed form.  They are not yet available online, but we will advise users when they are available. 

The following contracts can now be purchased in print format:  

Contractor Collateral Warranty for a Purchaser or Tenant 

RRP excl VAT £19.27

Contractor Collateral Warranty for a Funder 

RRP excl VAT £19.27

Sub-Contractor Collateral Warranty for a Purchaser or Tenant 

RRP excl VAT £19.27

Sub-Contractor Collateral Warranty for a Funder 

RRP excl VAT £19.27

Sub-Contractor Collateral Warranty for Employer (SBC557)

RRP excl VAT £19.27

Public Sector Supplement

SBCC has updated the Public Sector Supplement in March 2016 to take account of minor JCT changes made in March 2012 and to include Schedules of Modifications for the Measured Term Contract and the Constructing Excellence Contract. To see the document click here 

 Building Information Modelling (BIM)

  Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a technology-enabled process that utilises interoperable software and methodologies. It is a way of creating digital information about a building that defines spaces, systems, products and materials (together with their properties), addresses how those components inter-relate physically and technically and looks ahead to future maintenance needs. As we move towards a digital built environment, BIM is seen as a key part for the future of the Scottish construction industry. You can learn more about BIM from the following sources: The Joint Contracts Committee (JCT) has produced a BIM practice note, “Building Information Modelling (BIM), Collaborative and Integrated Team Working”. This is intended as a guide to assist practitioners in gaining a greater understanding of BIM and provides information on the integration of BIM and collaborative working within the contract process. To download JCT’s practice note, click here: To read about the implementation of BIM in Scotland and view the BIM Implementation Plan that sets out the strategy for public sector projects within Scotland to adopt BIM Level 2 by April 2017, see the Scottish Future Trust’s website at:

JCT and SBCC 2016 Edition - New Features

JCT and SBCC have provided updates on the forthcoming JCT and SBCC 2016 Editions of contracts. For details about the SBCC 2016 Editions, including the new features, click here

SBCC Annual State of the Industry Lecture

2016 Annual Lecture was delivered on Tuesday 1 March 2016 by Richard Saxon, Chair, JCT who provided a thought-provoking exploration of the Digital Built Britain - the future working of  the construction industry. 

To see the lecture slides, click here 


SBCC Annual Update Conference

The Annual Conference was held on Thursday 19 November 2015 at the Scottish National Gallery, the Mound, Edinburgh.

The SBCC is grateful for the support of  BAM Construction LTD, Gartcarron Fire Engineering and Hardies for their generous support of this Conference. Please support these sponsors if you have any relevant tenders.

Constructing Excellence (2014 Edition)



 SBCC recommends the use of Constructing Excellence Contract 2014 along with the Project Team Agreement and accompanying Guide. The contract offers a robust agreement where the collaborative/partnering concept is overt. The documents have been developed with local authorities and other public sector clients specifically in mind but are suitable for both public and private projects. 

Please take the link to the briefing sheet and presentation to introduce you to the key features of the documents:

CE Briefing Sheet

CE Slides

All documents in the Constructing Excellence suite (2014 Edition) are now available in hard copy and can be purchased from our selling agents:
The documents are not yet available as part of our online contract service and we will advise users when they are available.
Cast studies

You may also be interested in the following case studies showing how Constructing Excellence has been used in England:


Homeowner Contracts


SBCC has prepared Amendment sheet 1 for HO//B, HO/C and HO//CA. These take account of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations. The amendment sheets contain instructions for incorporation into the existing Homeowner contracts:


Amendment sheet hoc 2015

Amendment sheet hob 2015

Amendment sheet hoca 2015


New versions of the Homeowner Contract (HO//B), the Homeowner Contract (with Consultant) (HO/C) and the Consultancy Agreement (HO/CA) are in course of preparation. These will incorporate Amendment 1: Consumer Contracts and changes required by the CDM Regulations 2015.



Meantime please note that CDM Regulations 2015 apply to both domestic and commercial clients. Domestic clients should refer to guidance produced by the HSE, Want construction work done safely? (INDG411(rev1)), which can be downloaded for free from






Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015)

SBCC has issued amendment sheets for its 2011 and later editions of SBCC contracts, covering the CDM Regulations 2015, which are effective from 6 April 2015.

Measured Term

Constructing Excellence

Standard Building Contract

Design and Build

Minor Works

  • MW Amdt
    (Please note that a minor amendment was made on 16 April 2015, shown tracked)
  • MWD Amdt
    (Please note that a minor amendment was made on 16 April 2015, shown tracked)
  • MWSubD Amdt

Generic Contracts

Update by Chair of the Drafting Sub Committee

  click here

Framework Agreement and Framework Agreement Guide now available  

The 2014 editions of the Framework Agreement for Use in Scotland and the Framework Agreement Guide are both now available in printed format and can be purchased from our selling agents Neither document is yet available as part of our online contract service and we will advise users when they are available.

  Annual State of the Industry Lecture


The 2015 Annual State of the Industry Lecture was given on 10 March 2015 by James Wolffe QC, Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, who provided a fascinating insight into principles and pragmatism in contract law. We are very grateful to him for delivering this Lecture.

NewsArticleId=61">Richard Saxon appointed as new JCT Chair

***PRESS RELEASES*** 1: Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill, Committee Report and Recommendations

Please see for your interest, the link below to the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill report which was published on 31 January 2014


The Minor Works Contract with Contractor's Design (2013 Edition), Homeowner Contracts (2013 Editions) and the new Project Bank Account Documentation and Pre-Construction Services Agreements are now available in hard copy.

Project Bank Account Documentation 2013, SBC544

Pre-Construction Services Agreement (General Contractor) 2013, SBC 546

Pre-Construction Services Agreement (Specialist) 2013, SBC 547

Minor Works Contract with Contractor's Design 2013, SBC 545

Homeowner Contract for use in Scotland 2013, SBC 542, ISBN 978-1-909432-00-0,    

Homeowner Contract with Consultant for use in Scotland 2013, SBC 543, ISBN 978-1-909432-01-7,  

To purchase a copy please contact one of our selling bodies listed on the left.

3: SBCC Contracts and Sustainability

In the recently published JCT Report on the JCT Sustainability: Lifecycle Consultation ( ), it was reported that 87% of respondents agreed that JCT contracts can assist in achieving sustainable objectives. SBCC contracts which are based on the JCT contracts also facilitate sustainability. For further information, see link :


1) Programme of Contracts and Reviews 2013

For an update on contracts and guidance due in 2013 (new and revised), please click here (PDF, 205kb).

2) Named Specialists Update

Standard Building Contract 2011 for use in Scotland (all versions – Q/Scot, AQ/Scot, XQ/Scot). Please see the link below on optional provisions for the above contract in all its guises.

Named Specialists Update 2011-2012 (PDF, 400kb)



3)    Public Sector Supplement - 2011

Following the publication of the JCT Public Sector Supplement last month, SBCC have prepared a supplement which can be used in conjuction with the SBCC contracts.  To see, click on the link :  Public Sector Supplement 2011

4) New Rules of Measurement Update

The NewRules of Measurement Update is available to download free of charge from the link below.

New Rules of Measurement Update

5)     Insolvency Guide 2010

The Insolvancy Guide 2010 is available to download free of charge from the link below.
Insolvency Guide 2010

6)     SBCC Contracts price list April 2016

available here.

7)     History of Scottish Building Contract Committee Limited

The SBCC was established in April 1964 as a result of the decisions of the McEwan Younger Committee which in turn followed the recommendations of the Emmerson report, that closer contacts be established with central bodies in London and that a working party be appointed in Scotland.

More information on the History of the Committee is available from the link below. History of SBCC Limited (contd).

8)    Amendments due to the Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010 - published June 2011

SBCC have producted two amendments to Scottish Building Contracts MW & MWD and SBC & DB. These amendments are downloadable from the links below.
June 2011 amendments SBC and DB
June 2011 amendments MW and MWD

9)      Terrorism Cover Update - Issued August 2010

SBCC's Works Insurance provisions have been updated in relation to Terrorism Cover and the Contractor's liability for loss or damage to the Works or Site Materials resulting from terrorism in cases where Insurance Option A applies.
A copy is available to download from the link below.
Terrorism Cover update: Issued August 2010


Joint Contracts Tribunal

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