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This site allows the creation, download and verification of standard building contracts and their related documents.

Which Contract is Appropriate?

To establish which of the current contracts would be most suitable for your purpose, please click here for the statement of appropriate use supplied with each contract. 

Verifying a contract

You do not need to be logged in or even have a subcription to use this facility. If someone has created a contract on your behalf, using this facility, and you have the contract reference (which is printed in the footer of each contract) then you can verify the existence and signatories of that contract. Click on the "verify contract" link and search for the contract reference number.

Creating a contract

Except for the Homeowner Contracts, this is a subscription only service. You can find out more about subscriptions here. Once you have logged into the system, use the left hand navigation to find the type of contract you require. You will then be asked to enter the employers and contractors details. The system will then generate a pdf which will be stored in your account details and be available for immediate or future download / printing. 

Homeowner Contracts To purchase a homeowner contracts alone you should not take out a subscriptipon as these contracts are not available for the online completion which the subscription supports.   You can simply register your details and then purchase the contract required. The system will then generate a pdf.  The pdf will be located in Your Account (top right of the screen), under Your Complete.

Educational subscriptions are cleared and created by the administrator.  Please supply the same details as those required for a paid subsciption to the administrator, at, noting your particular purpose.

Insolvency Guide 2010

The Insolvency Guide 2010 is available to download free of charge from the link below.
Insolvency Guide 2010

Adjudication Scheme

Assistance with the resolution of disputes arising from Homeowner Contracts is available through an adjudication scheme, with adjudicators appointed for the purpose.  This scheme is run by the RIAS, the SBF and the NSCC.  For details of the cost, rules and procedures for adjudication, please contact the members below:

Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland at Members Services                                                                                              For more information contact , or        RIAS, 15 Rutland Square, Eidnburgh EH1 2BE, Tel 0131-229 7545 or 0131 221 7205.

National Specialist Contractors Council Scottish Committee  at   For more information contact or        NSCC, PO Box 28011, Edinburgh EH16 6WN, Tel 0131 448 0266.

Scottish Building Federation at Scottish-Building For more information contact, or      SBF, 4 Crichton Close, Holyrood, Edinburgh EH8 8DT, Tel 0131 556 8866.


Joint Contracts Tribunal

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