Protect your home renovations with a homeowner contract

SBCC Homeowner Contracts are ready-made, downloadable building contracts.

Negotiate the price for your works, record them in the contract, and have it signed - it's that simple.

Why use a SBCC Homeowner Contract?

It is normal to employ a building contractor when embarking on home renovations or extensions and you may also employ a consultant such as an architect or a surveyor to lighten the load of the organisational and practical aspects. However if things go wrong and all you have is a price for the work then what should have been a straightforward process can turn into a legal minefield.

Using an SBCC Homeowner Contract can help you protect your investment in your home from the nightmare of cowboy builders and long, costly legal wrangles.

The building contract your contractor trusts, and on which you can rely

SBCC are well known throughout the construction industry for their unbiased contracts, SBCC Contracts have a reputation that your contractor will recognise and trust.

Key points the Home Owner Contracts cover:

  • The work to be carried out
  • The price for the work
  • The payment schedule
  • Who is responsible for permissions
  • Access contractors have to facilities on site

The Home Owner Contracts are fair and set out in a simple manner in clear easy to follow language the expectations and responsibilities of both sides. Utilising a Home Owner Contract gives both sides security should problems arise during the project

How To Buy an SBCC Homeowner Contract

The process could not be easier. Simply register for a homeowner account, purchase the appropriate contract from the list and then download it. Your document will be ready to print out and use immediately.

Please note that you do not need to take out a full subscription in order to purchase a homeowner contract.   The subscription service supports the completion of online contracts and at present the Homeowner Contracts are only available through the website as pdfs. 

Once purchased, your Homeowner Contract can be found at the top right of the screen under 'Your Account' in the 'Your Complete' folder.

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